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Roger Klotz has Rickets

The main purpose of this blog is to expose the debilitating psychosis of Doug Funnie. However, whenever I stumble upon evidence of Roger Klotz’s rickets, I feel obligated to document it. Last time I searched google images, I found no screen shots that showed Roger with his legs bowed out because of his rickets. If you don’t know, and you’re too lazy to click on the link I provided, rickets is the softening of bones due to a vitamin D deficiency. Google images returns some depressing pictures or children with rickets. You can look them up if you wish. Anyway, here’s the three from the first episode that I used to make the image above…

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    except for roger in...middle. He has Rick-cats.
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    most ridiculous thing I’ve seen, about childhood shows. It’s even better than...
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