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Episode 16: Doug’s Hot Dog

"Bluffington was always a quiet, happy place. Then…the thing came to town."

The thing lands with an explosion. Nondescript townspeople flee from it, clutching their most cherished possessions for some reason. A man carries a tv. A woman carries a sheep. Another man carries a bowling trophy. Whatever the thing is, these people don’t want it to get their meager possessions and farm animals.

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Episode 13: Doug: The Big Switch

Doug and Porkchop are settling down for a night of tv with a big bowl of popcorn. The plan is to watch Doug’s new favorite show, Doctor Cop.
Someone needs to make this show and use it to make fun of the over-abundant criminal investigation procedural shows and ridiculous hospital dramas. I’d consider watching it. After a short minute of the latest episode of Doctor Cop, Theda calls Doug from the other room. She needs him for something.

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